11-11-11: From Selly Oak to Harborne

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11-11-11: From Selly Oak to Harborne

11-11-11: From Selly Oak to Harborne

At 1.43pm we cross the Bristol Road and head down Harborne Lane. From the front seat on the top deck of the number 11 bus you get a great view of the still-under-construction new Queen Elizabeth Hospital. The futuristic, super sleek tri tower structure already looks so impressive you could be forgiven for thinking that the builders cut corners and used CGI.

Light dazzles my eyes, and I automatically reach up to pull down my sun visor. I remember that I’m in a bus and not a car, and realise that I now look like an idiot or, more worryingly, a Nazi sympathiser. Not that there’s any difference, of course. I wonder if the new hospital will find a cure for stupidity?

By 1.50pm we’re in Harborne. I look out for my brother whose doing some carpentry wrork in the area. I scan the suburban streets for him and his big-ass silver van, but to no avail. If you want quality carpentry work done at a competitive price, you can find his website here.

Tell him the idiot on the number 11 sent you.


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