The Odd Job

The weirdest job I ever had: ‘I get messages from the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit tells me that you’ll make a perfect Editorial and Research Manager’

Métal Hurlant: the French comic that changed the world

Some comics are defined as ‘classics’, while others are regarded as innovative titles years ahead of their time. Then there’s Métal Hurlant, possibly the most influential comic ever published...

The Boss of Me

A brief Springsteen anecdote.

Five Great Daredevil Parodies

To celebrate the return of Marvel's Daredevil to Netflix, here's a timely look at comics that have poked fun at everyone’s favourite visually-impaired vigilante.

A Lee Majors Christmas

“May this Christmas be better than it was before. Better… stronger… happier.”

Queensway the Hard Way

Tall tale from the 1990's of how a broken down car in Birmingham's Queensway tunnel brought a once-great city to it's knees. Features cheap jokes and some last-minute innuendo.


As we approach the closing overs of another year, here's some 2016 thoughts from Nostradamus...

Klingon Hipster

A Klingon Hipster proverb.

The Solo Brothers

Star Wars v Man from UNCLE starring The Solo Brothers

Christopher Lee to the Sixth Degree

Christopher Lee - history’s greatest movie villain and would-be slapstick comedy sensation...

Jaws 5: The Pool Shark

An inflatable 'Jaws' shark from 1995 contains a foul and potentially deadly cargo…

The Gig Jacket

Full Denim Jacket.