The Odd Job

The weirdest job I ever had: ‘I get messages from the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit tells me that you’ll make a perfect Editorial and Research Manager’

A Lee Majors Christmas

“May this Christmas be better than it was before. Better… stronger… happier.”

Queensway the Hard Way

Tall tale from the 1990's of how a broken down car in Birmingham's Queensway tunnel brought a once-great city to it's knees. Features cheap jokes and some last-minute innuendo.


As we approach the closing overs of another year, here's some 2016 thoughts from Nostradamus...

Klingon Hipster

A Klingon Hipster proverb.

The Solo Brothers

Star Wars v Man from UNCLE starring The Solo Brothers

Kurosawa’s Reality TV Legacy

Films by the great Japanese movie director Akira Kurosawa inspired many of today's most popular Reality TV shows. Here's a brief overview.

Twin Peaks Video Shop of Horrors

In which David Lynch and a VCR plotted together to humiliate me in Hull...


Meet Sorted - a sad old man trapped in the 1990s. Contains low humour and preposterous allegations.

Whoa, Superman!!

A gripping scene that probably won't appear in the new Batman v Superman movie...

James Joyce’s Ulysses Part II: Twolysses

Twolysses - the sequel to James Joyce's Ulysses. Contains low humour.

Want to Quit Smoking? Try this: