Man Booker Prize-nominated Will Self takes writing lessons from Dan Brown. Contains cheap humour.

The ShatNav: Canadian Ham on the Dashboard

Combining state-of-the-art satellite navigation technology with TVs Captain Kirk - it's the ShatNav.

Peaky Blinders and Cheesy Rollers

TV smash Peaky Blinders could open the floodgates to other old English street gangs like the Cheesy Rollers, Teethy Whiteners and Streaky Bakers...

James Joyce: the Aston Villa Years

The untold story of Irish writer James Joyce and his doomed love affair with Aston Villa Football Club

The Frankley Steins

A comic tale of gothic horror, rodent-themed revenge and resurrection relativity in the picturesque English village of Frankley (just outside Birmingham)

The Mythical Beasts of Birmingham

Painstakingly-researched analysis of Birmingham-based mythological beasts (also includes Yampires, West Brombies and Werewolverhamptons)


Cert X, Dir. Alan Smithee. Stockland Green Plaza from 16th June, 1974. Showtimes vary.

Ulysses on the Buses

Stateless, scrawny James Joyce and his mistressmusewife, Nora Barnacle, were waiting for a number eleven omnibus in the Perry Barr district of Birmingham. It was […]

James Joyce’s Digbeth

The humble beginnings of what turned out to be my long-running and possibly ill-advised 'James Joyce in Birmingham' saga

Mervyn King’s Northern Soul Bail-Out

Mervyn King's plan to bail-out struggling musical fad Northern Soul has provoked fierce criticism from Britpop, Disco & Skiffle.

H.P. Lovecraft’s ‘The Pac-Man’

How classic arcade game Pac-Man was inspired by this forgotten tale of ghosts and gluttony...