Christopher Lee to the Sixth Degree

Christopher Lee - history’s greatest movie villain and would-be slapstick comedy sensation...

Jaws 5: The Pool Shark

An inflatable 'Jaws' shark from 1995 contains a foul and potentially deadly cargo…

The Gig Jacket

Full Denim Jacket.

The Bullringdon Club

Birmingham's Posh Thug craze of the 80s

SPECTRE joins Twitter

SPECTRE Twitter page

Michael Gove-friendly American novels

What are your suggestions..?

My Suburban Destiny

Wiseacre Croft

The Breakfast Kebab

I try so hard to be creative, but I’m no match for my daughters.  Here’s the breakfast kebab, invented this morning by Edie (age 4).

Thanks, […]

Typo Negative

Happy Halloween!


Bob Newhart Therapy

Bob Newhart, you’re a very funny man…

Peaky Blinders (and other Gangs of New Street)

Just watched the first episode of Peaky Blinders, the BBC’s much-hyped interwar gangland drama. With its strong storytelling, lush photography and a big […]

Craig Ferguson: Why Everything Sucks

This isn’t exactly new, but my pal (and former work colleague) Alex introduced it to me and it made me laugh.

Let’s see if it does the […]