Alejandro Jodorowsky’s The Dance of Reality trailer

Ooh, this is exciting…

The film director Alejandro Jodorowsky is one of my artistic heroes.  I’ve written about him extensively and even interviewed him once (albeit […]

The day Bob the Builder taught my child to swear…

Since playing the Bob the Builder game on the CBeebies website my 4 year-old daughter now regularly says 'A plastic sh*t!' Thanks for that, Bob.


Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster + Tom Waits = Cookiewaits.  It’s obvious, really, and I love this much more than any man should love love some […]

My Olympic Shame

An Olympic-themed Tale of Teenage Turmoil from a weird, faraway land called 1988...

Tom Waits: Hell Broke Luce

I’m a massive Tom Waits fan.  A video for Hell Broke Luce (a rather excellent track from his rather excellent latest album, Bad as […]

Lord Byron’s Luggage

I’ve had a song on heavy rotation in my head today.  It’s an up-tempo ditty called Lord Byron’s Luggage by the criminally-underrated (and […]


From The Archaic Revival by Terence McKenna:

‘What is happening to our world is ingression of novelty […]

Batman or Batmad?

Christopher Nolan is currently shooting his third and final Batman movie.   I imagine you’ve heard about this, seeing as though you’ve got […]

“Boss” Tin

The second issue of Dirty Bristow magazine features a piece I wrote entitled Lennon’s Guide to the Mythical Fauna of the English Midlands. It’s my attempt at presenting an overview of those Birmingham-based mythological beasts that have so often been ignored by local historians, cryptozoologists and the presenters of Midlands Today.

Tales from the Crypt

Sometimes I like to draw things. Not often, just sometimes.

Recently I was asked to provide an illustration for The John School, a marvellous short story […]


The UK government’s new e-petition website has been in the news a lot this week. For one thing, it’s been crashing a lot. […]

Jon Stewart’s Daily Show vs Hackgate

Jon Stewart’s Daily Show take on the News International phone hacking saga wasn’t broadcast in the UK.  Fancy that.