Plugging my Friends #2: Yvonne Rehdin

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Plugging my Friends #2: Yvonne Rehdin

Plugging my Friends #2: Yvonne Rehdin

My friend – the ridiculously-talented, Glasgow-based Scandanavian Renaissance Woman, Yvonne Rehdin – has been working as make-up designer on the independent film Running in Traffic. According to the film’s production blog, principal photography was completed on the 21st January and the film is scheduled for release in 2009.

I’ve cribbed this from the film’s website:

Running in Traffic is an urban character-based drama set in contemporary Scotland. It tells the story of Joe Cullen and Kayla Golebiowski and their quest to find a higher ground amidst the aftermath of their respective grief of loss.

We follow their respective paths, as they make enormously courageous efforts to attempt to bring the balance back into their lives, which intersect but never collide as fate deals its own hand. Through the passing of time, both Cullen and Kayla pursue their respective goals against the odds in this emotionally charged, stark and often heart rendering story about very modern times, the choices we make and the things we do to survive in emotionally traumatic times, that often go unnoticed by the world.

Unlike many films of its genre Running in Traffic remains entirely in the present, where the slightest change of hand, heart or mind can alter fate, ultimately leading to a life changing destiny and thus offers up a theory about how we are all connected in this life in a very special way…to help each other in a way that we might never know the truth about…

As a keen supporter of Independent British Cinema (and of anything my friends are involved with), I’ll be keeping an eye out for it next year.


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