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My pal Dave Metcalfe now has a proper, non-MySpace blog called ‘Fast Broads’. I imagine that must be a quaint North Yorkshire colloquialism for a reliable Internet connection.

This is Dave:

Davey was raised on a diet of netto white cider, wotsits and comics in the darkest depths of north yorkshire. he escaped and hid in the bradford underground until he decided to see the sights of the uk by moving around for no other reason than he fancies it. he has a severe aversion to capital letters correct punctuation and the font comic sans. he currently resides in birmingham where he lives off a diet of netto white cider, wotsits, comics and salad – well, you’ve got to do your five a day haven’t you?

You can find it here.

As you were, soldier.


About the Author:

Tom is a mostly funny writer, sometimes illustrator, and lapsed stand-up comedian based in Birmingham, UK. Currently an Expert Blogger at Time Out Birmingham, he's had humour pieces, illustrations, and articles about popular culture published in print and online publications.

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