Some shameless self-publicity…

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Some shameless self-publicity…

I’ve just submitted a hastily rewritten version of the introductory blurb to my previous blog entry, H.P. Lovecraft’s Pac-Man, to the very funny newsbiscuit site. It’s not really plagiarism when you rip-off yourself. For the uninitiated, NewsBiscuit was set up by the writer and humourist John O’Farrell as a British version of The Onion. It’s good fun and worth checking out.

Cutting to the chase, in order to contribute to NewsBiscuit and lay claim to my obligatory 15 minutes of fame I’ve had to post my humble effort to their submissions board. Once it’s on the board, it can then receive votes. If I get enough votes – and the editors find it funny – then it gets published. If you vote for it, I’ll be very grateful.

You can find it here.


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