I’m Tom Lennon, a freelance content writer and blogger. I specialize in humorous essays and the geekier end of the pop culture spectrum.

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The Odd Job

The weirdest job I ever had: ‘I get messages from the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit tells me that you’ll make a perfect Editorial and Research Manager’

Métal Hurlant: the French comic that changed the world

Some comics are defined as ‘classics’, while others are regarded as innovative titles years ahead of their time. Then there’s Métal Hurlant, possibly the most influential comic ever published...

The Boss of Me

A brief Springsteen anecdote.

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My Twitter Jokes

Wolverine’s sister: Margerine
At San Quentin, prisoners buy condoms with ‘Johnny Cash’
Which hotel are the Kaiser Chiefs staying at? (I predict a Hyatt)
When satellites die do they get an orbituary?
My favourite Thomas de Quincey classic is’Ye worlde of Forensik Medicin’
TripAdvisor rates the Hotel California ‘Lovely place, lovely place’
Movie Pitch: Star Wars/Man from U.N.C.L.E crossover starring the Solo Brothers
Abbreviating latin phrases is my M.O.
UK-filmed Star Wars sequels to feature Jedi Knights grumbling about weather, queues
I was introduced to the concept of ‘critical mass’ by a sarcastic priest
I neither believe nor disbelieve in the existence of vampires. I’m ‘agnosferatu’.
If Noddy Holder fell in the middle of a forest and nobody was there to hear him would he still feel the noize?
Conspiracy theorists claim Sting and The Police ‘faked’ walking on the moon
The BBFC should introduce a Certificate 40: ‘May contain scenes of mid-life ennui and grocery shopping’
Never forget those wise words of Uncle Ben: ‘With great power comes great boil-in-the-bag rice’
What do you call an existentialist cow? ‘Camoo’
Movie Pitch: GUYS’ DAY OUT: Guy Ritchie, Guy Pearce and Elbow’s Guy Garvey travel to Guyana to watch Buddy Guy. Hilarity ensues.
I was a failed Police Sketch Artist – could never quite capture Sting’s smugness.
Re-Taken #teenagefilms
Ironically, the original Amazons were fierce female warriors who sold books AND paid tax
TripAdvisor rated this corral ‘OK’ #WildWestProblems
CERN scientists finally prove that Wagon Wheels are still the same size, your hands have grown
UK Government announce plans to sell reconditioned 1970s NHS specs to “gullible overseas hipsters”

Featured “Humour”

Kurosawa’s Reality TV Legacy

Films by the great Japanese movie director Akira Kurosawa inspired many of today's most popular Reality TV shows. Here's a brief overview.

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James Joyce: the Aston Villa Years

The untold story of Irish writer James Joyce and his doomed love affair with Aston Villa Football Club

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The Mythical Beasts of Birmingham

Painstakingly-researched analysis of Birmingham-based mythological beasts (also includes Yampires, West Brombies and Werewolverhamptons)

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The Comics Universe of Alejandro Jodorowsky

Cult filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky moonlights as the author of the most crazed, uncompromising, visually stunning comics you're ever likely to read...

Krazy Kat: It Started with a Brick

It was the original Itchy and Scratchy Show, a comic saga of love, bricks and misunderstanding that featured the strangest romantic triangle ever...

The Grandfather Clock

April 24th is my youngest daughter's birthday. It would have been my Dad's, too. Here's something I wrote about the two of them.