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Tom is a mostly funny writer, sometimes illustrator, and lapsed stand-up comedian based in Birmingham, UK. Currently an Expert Blogger at Time Out Birmingham, he's had humour pieces, illustrations, and articles about popular culture published in print and online publications.

SPECTRE joins Twitter

SPECTRE Twitter page

Want to Quit Smoking? Try this:


Man Booker Prize-nominated Will Self takes writing lessons from Dan Brown. Contains cheap humour.

Michael Gove-friendly American novels

What are your suggestions..?

Krazy Kat: It Started with a Brick

It was the original Itchy and Scratchy Show, a comic saga of love, bricks and misunderstanding that featured the strangest romantic triangle ever...

The ShatNav: Canadian Ham on the Dashboard

Combining state-of-the-art satellite navigation technology with TVs Captain Kirk - it's the ShatNav.

This is Captain Midlands

This weekend, superhero sequel Captain America: The Winter Soldier will be slinging his mighty shield around a multiplex near you:

I think it looks terrific, […]

My Suburban Destiny

Wiseacre Croft

The Breakfast Kebab

I try so hard to be creative, but I’m no match for my daughters.  Here’s the breakfast kebab, invented this morning by Edie (age 4).

Thanks, […]

Typo Negative

Happy Halloween!


Bob Newhart Therapy

Bob Newhart, you’re a very funny man…

Peaky Blinders and Cheesy Rollers

TV smash Peaky Blinders could open the floodgates to other old English street gangs like the Cheesy Rollers, Teethy Whiteners and Streaky Bakers...