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Boldly Going Out

My brother and I will be off to see JJ Abrams’ Star Trek at the Birmingham Imax this evening and – I must admit – I’m rather looking forward to it. As a lapsed Trekker, I’ve almost forgotton how that feels. To actually look forward to a Star Trek fim… why, that’s a sensation I haven’t experienced since about 1994. That was Star Trek: Generations – the one where Captain Shat met Captain Baldy – and it turned out to be not very good. I’d have to go further back to find one I look forward to and actually enjoyed.

When tonight’s tickets came through the post an accompanying leaflet promised an evening of ‘Star Trek themed fun’:

  • Come in costume and receive a FREE sci-fi goodie bag
  • Have your photo taken with your favourite Star trek characters
  • Competitions to win amazing Star Trek prizes

Oh dear.

While it’s nice of the Imax to make an effort and all, this does not bode well. I’ve been to places where grown-up people dress up in genre drag and its never a pretty sight. I don’t relish the opportunity of spending this eveing surrounded by chartered accountants dressed as Klingons.

I guess I’ll be coming home empty handed.


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