8Bit High and Rising

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8Bit High and Rising

My pal Pete Ashton’s DJ set from last night’s 8Bit Lounge is now available as a single 82MB mp3 download from here.

Highlights for me included Triumphant by by the Modified Toy Orchestra and some beep-heavy cover versions of Kraftwerk’s The Model, Weezer’s Buddy Holly and (cough, cough) Europe’s The Final Countdown (by Nullsleep, Nordloef and Moondabor, respectively).  And, before you ask, I hadn’t heard of Nullsleep, Nordloef and Moondabor before last night (although I have mentioned the rather excellent Modified Toy Orchestra both here and here).

An acquired taste, perhaps, but one worth acquiring.  That’s assuming that you share a similar weakness for beepy-burpy tunes that evoke memories of  old computer games.

Maybe next time we’ll get In The Hall of the Mountain King from Manic Miner

(Thanks to Widgetbox for that)


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  1. Devin Mithell June 20, 2010 at 4:20 pm

    Howdy. Did you see the retro gaming clothing at manicminer.se?

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