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8Bit lounge

My good pal Pete Ashton will be doing a DJ set at tomorrow evening’s 8Bit Lounge at the Hare & Hounds:

A delightful evening of all things computer game and arcade oriented.  From an array of consoles to play on including:

  • a SNES with 5 player Bomberman and all original controllers
  • an N64 with 4 player greatness like Starfox 64
  • a Gamecube with some great 4 player games like Timesplitters 2

Chromatouch will be using old school consoles to control visuals on the night, including a Nintendo DS that can be used to control visuals wirelessly through cellsds.

We are also looking to hold a Wii tournament in the courtyard, weather allowing.

Nanoloops: the famous Nintendo GameBoy music writing software will be fully in place. Anyone that writes music in this format then please contact us. We are holding a competition to find the best Nanoloops artist in Birmingham. Bring it on!!

Music on the eve will be from Subcitizen and Chromatouch, so expect some classic pure electro, bboy style, computer game anthems, arcade classics, 8bit pop and electronica lo fi scribblings.

I’ll be there to lend some moral support.   It should be fun.


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