Capello, Cook and Alan Latchley

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Capello, Cook and Alan Latchley

The mounting speculation over Fabio Capello’s future as England coach reminds me of a character that legendary satirist Peter Cook created shortly before his death.  Football manager Alan Latchley was one of three Cook creations that Clive Anderson ‘interviewed’ in a special edition of his early-90s Channel 4 chat show, each a perfectly-formed slice of improvisational brilliance.  When Anderson grilled Latchley over rumours that he was being lined up to replace that era’s disgraced England manager, Graham Taylor, Latchley’s response was a priceless and strangely prescient given this week’s events:

“He did a cracking job.  When you look at the potential that he had there and his ability to transform it into those results… you have to realise you are dealing with somebody unusual.”




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