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Dancing Fool

Some YouTubery, courtesy of the Brummie of the Year nominee who sent me the link. It’s from the Rootsville Festival that was held at Birmingham’s Custard Factory during the last weekend of June and features the stunning set by The Dhol Blasters and The Destroyers. The former are masters of rapid-fire traditional drum-action, the latter are Conservatoire-trained swaggering maestros of Eastern European folk. So now you know.

They played on the event’s ‘Lakeside Stage’, otherwise known as the pool outside the Medicine Bar. The pool had been drained and a marquee put up over it, which struck me as a nice, practical touch. I’m not as young as I used to be and my knees tend to struggle with the rigours of underwater moshing. Sadly, it was pissing down torrentially and the marquee didn’t quite cover the pool. As the evening progressed the drained pool seemed to gradually refill. It added a certain element of squelchy danger to the proceedings, and my Converse All-Star boots haven’t been the same since.

A couple of minutes into the clip you might notice a slim man in a stylish brown leather overcoat dancing energetically, idiosyncratically and somewhat dangerously in the foreground.

That’s me, that is.


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