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‘You’ve all seen that Busch beer commercial where the girl in the short hot pants opens the beer bottle on her belt buckle, leaves it there, lets it foam over her hand and over the bottle and the voiceover goes:  “Get yourself a BUSCH!

‘Hmmm.  You know what that looks like..?’

Bill Hicks – Relentless

Local chocolate giant Cadbury are in the news today.  The board are resisting a hostile takeover bid from US food giant Kraft, saying that the “derisory” bid is an attempt buy the company “on the cheap”.  If the poster advertising the Cadbury Flake on the Pershore Road in Cotteridge is anything to go by, it looks as though this fight might get dirty:


Hmmm.  You know what that looks like..?

Of course, the humble Cadbury Flake has had a long tradition of employing soft-focus erotic imagery in its advertising campaigns.  This time around, however, the firm seem to be aiming for something a bit more blunt and obvious than a girl in an overflowing bath or a gecko scuttling across a telephone.  The slogan “Succumb to the crumb” is particularly suggestive.   Is it just my filthy mind, or is that first word positively loaded with phonetic ambiguity?

Those advertising people: they just can’t help themselves.


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My name is Tom Lennon and I'm a freelance writer who specialises in humour at the geekier end of the pop culture spectrum. I'm based in Birmingham, UK, and my work has recently appeared in BuzzFeed and Time Out.


  1. Rol December 15, 2009 at 7:33 am

    “You are Satan’s spawn, filling the world with bile and garbage.”

  2. Tom December 15, 2009 at 3:15 pm

    I’ve been called worse…

    “If anyone here is in marketing or advertising… Kill yourself. Just planting seeds… Planting seeds is all I’m doing…”

    (I’ve probably misquoted Bill as I’m relying on my unreliable memory…)

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