Hey, Jude

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Hey, Jude

I heard from Jude today, one of my best friends ever. We haven’t been in contact with each other for a while, but she sent me a text because she’s off to see Duran Duran tonight. We’ve been friends for a l-o-n-g time: she knows that I understand and appreciate what going to see Duran Duran tonight means to her.

What follows is a cover version of the Bouffanted Brummies‘ 80s hit ‘Hungry Like The Wolf’ as performed by one of my all-time personal heroes, the American actor Bruce Campbell. You might recognise him as the star of the Evil Dead films, or perhaps you’re more familiar with his contributions to literature. These include the inspirational autobiography ‘If Chins Could Talk: Confessions of a B-Movie Actor‘ and the life-changing self-help manual ‘Make Love The Bruce Campbell Way‘.

This one’s for you, Jude.


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