Latitude Diary: Day 2, Part 2

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Latitude Diary: Day 2, Part 2

Friday highlights included:

12.35 Robin Ince at the Comedy Arena. Very funny. Here he is at one of his Latitude Book Clubs, having an impromptu “Peel-Off” with Ross Noble:

15.00 Micah P. Hinson. Throaty Americana music. Good shit.
15.45 Bearsuit. Say it after me: “Jupiter FORCE! Jupiter FORCE!” Fucking awesome. More about them later.
20.00 Death Cab For Cutie. Clare’s a fan. I’m being won over. They were good.

Here you go, Clare:

21.30 Franz Ferdinand
(?) Guilty Pleasures: late night cheese. No wonder I couldn’t get to sleep.

Stuff I missed:

My old pal Nicky arrived on Friday so I helped her unpack, pitch her tent and lose her car. As a result I missed Ross Noble, British Sea Power and Julian Cope.

These things happen.


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  1. Clare Does Not Lie. July 31, 2008 at 4:02 am

    As I remember it Toby, you found it very very easy to get to sleep that night, you flaked out remember.. remember..?? Don’t make me spray Anti-Lie all over you….

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