Latitude Festival 2009: Squeeze

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Latitude Festival 2009: Squeeze

Showing my Age part 2: Squeeze, Uncut Arena, 17th July 2009 

Let’s face it: Squeeze aren’t what you might call a fashionable band. 

Then again, I’m not what you might call a fashionable person.  So let me take this opportunity to fess-up and admit that I’ve always liked them.  My first 7″ single (look it up) was Cool For Cats,which I bought with my pocket money from what used to be the local branch of Woolworths(look that up, too).  Over the years I’ve got into numerous booze-fuelled disputes with musically-minded mates in which I’ve steadfastly defended the reputation of Deptford’s finest against naysayers, unbelievers and people who call me a Dadrock lackey.

So it goes without saying that I really enjoyed their reunion gig at Latitude Festival’s Uncut Arena last night.

Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook – the Lennon and McCartney of 80s chart-topping melodic pop, as far as I’m concerned – were reunited for what turned out to be a blistering assault on their back-catalogue.  Like many unfashionable bands, people often forget just how many of their songs have etched their way into our minds.  Last night, though, was a powerful reminder.  The likes of Up The Junction, Tempted and Black Coffee in Bed were all present and correct, but the highlight of the set was the double-barrelled assault of Is This Love and Cool For Cats.

More ammunition for those booze-fuelled disputes, then.


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  1. Jay Eales July 20, 2009 at 3:10 pm

    I’m with you. Never got to see Squeeze first time round, but have seen both Difford and Tilbrook solo twice and three times respectively. All-time greats, and it’s great that they’ve patched up their differences.


  2. Tom Lennon July 20, 2009 at 5:18 pm

    Hi Jay – good to hear from you, mate, and glad to hear I’m not a lone voice on the pro-Squeeze front!

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