Lord of the Frogger

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Lord of the Frogger

In the Seinfeld episode The Frogger, the eponymous Jerry and his “short, stocky, slow-witted and bald” best friend George Costanza visit a soon-to-be closed down pizza parlour they used to frequent at high school.  They discover that the owner still has the old Frogger arcade game they used to play as kids, and the Frogger machine still displays George’s high score of 860,630 points.  George regards this as his greatest ever achievement, so resolves to buy the machine off the pizza parlour owner (“I’m never gonna have a child.  If I lose this Frogger high score, that’s it for me”).  Things, of course, don’t exactly go according to plan.

To add insult to injury, Pat Laffaye of Westport, Conneticut – a real person, no less – has recently beaten George’s fictional high score.

Poor old George Costanza – nothing ever goes his way.   Oh well, at least he’s still the Lord of the Idiots.

(Thanks to Clare for the heads-up)




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