Robin Ince at the Electric Cinema

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Robin Ince at the Electric Cinema

Mr review of Robin Ince’s recent gig at the Electric Cinema is now up on Brum comedy site Who’s Laughing Now?.  You can find it here.


After the show I ended up briefly chatting (or elbowing my way into a conversation) with Mr Ince, who turned out to be a tremendously nice bloke.  I like it when that happens.  We talked about Jaws, Highlander and British Sex Comedies of the 1970s (well, he’d just performed at the former Tivoli Cinema, after all).  Eventually, we moved onto the subject of those forgotten films you still can’t get on DVD, and – for that matter – probably never will.   He told me about a British horror flick from 1974 called The Mutations.


Here’s the plot, courtesy of IMDB:

Students have been going missing from the local college, and the one person who knows what’s happened to them is Dr. Noller, a rogue biologist. Not satisfied with the pace of natural selection in driving evolution, Noller wants to push things further by creating his own genetically engineered creations. Having already created some amazing specimins by mixing the DNA of plants and animals, the doctor has now set his sights higher, and want to work on modifying humans, as well.

It starred Donald Pleasence as the mad scientist Noller and Tom Baker as his hideously deformed assistant, Lynch.   Yes, Donald Pleasence and Tom Baker.  Together.  In the same film.

I’ve never seen this movie.  I’ve never even heard of it before.  How can this be? I’m in the grip of some strange and terrible compulsion.

Looks like I’ll be dusting down the VCR and going on eBay, then…

Donald Pleasence and Tom Baker in The Mutations

Pleasence and Baker in ‘The Mutations’


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  1. Richie November 6, 2009 at 11:47 am

    Hey Tom… Back in my dark “grey import” DVD days on eBay I used to sell Mutations! It wasn’t a great seller, but I may still have the master somewhere if you would like it????? Let me know…

    Richie (a devoted Tomeophile)

  2. Tom November 7, 2009 at 3:23 am

    I’ll (cough cough – sly look over my shoulder – cough cough) be in touch…

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