Rock ‘n’ Relativity Holiday Conspiracy

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Rock ‘n’ Relativity Holiday Conspiracy

Part of this year’s Birmingham Comedy Festival, Rock ‘n’ Relativity Holiday Conspiracy from Half-a-Dog Comedy is “an insight into the mind of a man whose life has become ruled by Internet conspiracies.”  If a typical comedy show can be described as a mixtape, then this – dare I say it – is a concept album, featuring a collection of dubious and demented characters united by a single theme.  Its like Dark Side of the Moon, but with more dick jokes.

One of these characters is called Sorted, a middle-aged man trapped in the 1990s.  He’s a BritPop refugee – the Last Man Standing from Madchester – and he may inadvertently and inexplicably be responsible for many of the things that are wrong with today’s world.

But before he’s ready to go on stage, what he really needs right now is a Global Hypercolor sweatshirt.  Remember those?  Clothes made of a special fabric that would tell the world just how sweaty you were.  Does anyone know where I can get hold of one?  Preferably cheap.

It’ll help me get into character.

Flyer by Tom Lennon


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