Rowlf the Raindog

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Rowlf the Raindog

I was watching The Muppet Show with Clare and Lily this evening. I’d bought Lily the season 2 DVD boxset for Christmas and we were watching the one where the special guest is Peter Sellers. I say that in such an off-hand way you might be forgiven for assuming that I’ve got a vast, ecyclopaedic knowledge of The Muppet Show and have regularly watched every episode on numerous occasions. The truth is, the last time I saw Peter Sellers appear in The Muppet Show was over 30 years ago and I wasn’t much older than Lily is now.

It was still very funny, though.

A few weeks ago I was watching an old VHS tape of The Muppet Movie with Lily. During a scene where Kermit meets Rowlf The Dog in a bar, Lily turned to me and said: “Rowlf The Dog sounds just like Tom Waits.”

Lily is five years-old, incredibly smart and a big fan of Tom Waits.

I think she’s got a point:

Rowlf The Dog:

Tom Waits:


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