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Still Boldly Going Strong

William Alan Shatner turned 80 earlier this week.  Shatner is – and most likely always will be – one of my favourite screen icons, and I say that without so much as a trace element of irony.  Seriously: he’s up there with Clint Eastwood, Woody Allen and Orson Welles in my personal pantheon and all-time Honour Roll.

Don’t look at me like that: for once I’m not taking the piss.

Anyway, to celebrate the great man’s recently acquired state of octogenarianism, here he is performing a cover of Cee Lo Green’s poignant and heartfelt ballad, Fuck You:

And for those who still say that William Shatner can’t act, my stock comeback still remains: “He’s more than just an actor – he’s a Shactor“.

(Thanks to Harry Vale for the You Tube heads-up)


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