The Minister of Information Returns

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The Minister of Information Returns

Gil Scott-Heron’s new album I’m New Here has been on heavy rotation since I bought it earlier in the week.  It’s an absolute blinder, real return-to-form stuff that I heartily and unequivocally recommend.

If you fancy listening to it yourself, an official streamed version from Scott-Heron’s new label, XL Recordings, is available online.  Here it is:

(If the above widget doesn’t appear on your browser, then you can also try here)

If you like it, then please do the decent thing and go out and buy it.  Streamed albums – official or otherwise – are all well and good, but you can’t pick them up or listen to them while you’re driving.  At least, I don’t think you can.

While we’re on the subject, I also recommend The Observer’s recent insightful article on Gil Scott-Heron, which you can find here.


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