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When Worlds Collide

When Worlds Collide

My wonderful six year-old stepdaughter, Lily, is a currently a big fan of Tom Waits, The Three Amigos and Zac Efron.  While I’m naturally proud of her Tom Waits/Three Amigos allegiances (who wouldn’t be?), I was always a bit sniffy about the whole Zac Efron thing.  I mean, he’s the basketball-playing, song-and-dance pretty boy from High School Musical.  That sort of thing doesn’t really chime with my Uncut Magazine-reading demographic.

Tonight I discovered that Zac Efron will be appearing in a Richard Linklater period film called Me and Orson Welles.

I’m a massive Orson Welles fan.  It looks like the sort of thing that I’ll really enjoy.  I want to see it.

Maybe Lily was on to something after all.


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