444 Club on Friday

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444 Club on Friday

For the benefit of all those Birmingham-based, gig-going, uplifting gormandizers out there (Heyyy now, Daddy-O…), The Courtesy Group – Al Hutchins’ awesome band of Scrotnig noizemeisters who’ve been mentioned here on many an occasion – are supporting London-based up-and-comers XX Teens at The Rainbow in Digbeth tomorrow evening. XX Teens sound like a lot of fun – plus I’d like to see the mighty CG playing a non-Curate’s Egg event – so I’ll endeavour to get my pert wee Irish arse there. I think you should, too.

It’s one of Kamikaze Events’ 444 Club nights, in which new acts share the spotlight with local bands. Alongside The Courtesy Group, there’ll be sets from Magnificatz and Betty & The ID.
Plastic Noise DJs will be, um, DJ-ing. They look as though they’ll be fun, too. I purloined this wonderful image from their Myspace page:

That looks disturbingly like a mindmap of what I listen to while I’m driving.

Anyhow, here’s the flyer:


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