Latitude Festival 2009: Lily’s Latitude

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Latitude Festival 2009: Lily’s Latitude

I didn’t interview any performers at this year’s Latitude, but I did secure an exclusive post-festival chat with my five year-old stepdaughter, Lily.

Latitude 2009 was her very first music festival.

What did you think of Latitude?

It was very good!

What sort of things did you do there?

I played with Iris and I played in the Kids’ Area and wobbled my wobbly tooth and I heard lots of FUNKY MU-SIC!

Iris is your new Latitude friend.  Where did you meet her?

Beside my tent.

What sort of games did the two of you play?

Hiding behind the tents.

Did you enjoy the Kids’ Area?

Yes!  I did drawings and went on the Big Wheel and saw a juggler and hugged The Hugging Tree and jumped on the trampolines and left a message on the Tree of Lost Things and went on a bug hunt in the woods…

And what was your favourite music?

Grace Jones, the red ones with the red tracksuits on (Datarock), Nick Cave, Thomas…


Thomas on the stage, not you!

Oh, you mean Thom Yorke…

Of course, silly.

Finally – would you go to Latitude again?

Yes – and next year I’m going to be singing on stage!


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