Latitude Scrapbook: Datarock

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Latitude Scrapbook: Datarock

Sounding like Talking Heads and looking like Devo-with-ASBOs, they are the mighty Datarock.  I wrote about their Latitude Festival set in a previous post, and here’s some footage of it that I took with my nifty Kodak z6i pocket camcorder.

The migraine-inducing, shaky-cam effect isn’t some intentional stylistic embellishment aimed at recapturing the frenetic energy of the live music experience.  Rather, it was a direct result of my five year-old stepdaughter Lily sitting on my shoulders while dancing.


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  1. Clare August 11, 2009 at 10:54 am

    She’s 6!
    But I’ll let you off because she was 5 then…

    /useless comment

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