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The Canyon Star

I recently heard from my old pal Jamie, one of those old pals of mine I haven’t heard from for too long.  Jamie’s an accomplished singer/songwriter – by my reckoning a damn fine one, too – and a veteran of the London music scene.  It’s good to hear, then, that he’s recording again – under the wonderfully evocative, Country-tinged sobriquet The Canyon Star.  According to his MySpace page (he’s a musician, that’s what they do), his “influences range from Tim Buckley and Terry Callier to Little Feat and The Band.”  Pretty good influences, then. There’s a hint of early Ryan Adams in the mix, too, but he’d probably kill me for saying that.

If, like me, you have a weakness for dark and breezy Americana music then I suggest you give him a listen:

He’s currently unsigned.  Somebody somewhere needs to do something about this.

Just saying, as they say.


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